Blackberry Messenger for Android: BBM Best Features You Should Know!

In today’s world, we all know about instant messengers and their popularity. There are tons of renowned instant messengers available, but the trend started from BBM or Blackberry messengers. BBM was previously available for Blackberry smartphone users but recently released this app available for all the major platforms including Android and iOS.

If you are among those smartphones users who want to try something different from Whatsapp, then BBM is the perfect choice for you which have lots of useful and unique features.

You can Download blackberry messenger for android from Google Play Store if you are an Android smartphone user, similarly, if you are iOS user you can download this messenger from iTunes market.

Do you want to what makes BBM an one in all messenger? Check them below:

Best features of BlackBerry Messenger or BBM:

  1. Retract your messages: Sending some messages by mistake is one the most common issues we face while catting with others. Retract messages option allow the BlackBerry Messenger users to delete those messages which were sent by mistake. But you have to delete those messages before the other user read those messages.
  2. Free Voice Calling: Just like Whatsapp, using the BlackBerry Messenger you can make a free voice call to other BBM users around the world without any charges. So, no more worries about your phone bills and enjoy hours of free calling with your friends, family, and others.
  3. Private Chatting: Do you have anything secret to say? Now you can chat secretly using the BBM messenger’s special Private Chat mode which automatically deletes all the messages from any chat session you made with anyone without letting any clue.
  4. BBM Pin: No need to share your mobile number or email address with others as with every BBM account you will get one unique code or ID using which you can add other users and block as well.
  5. Emojis and Beautiful Stickers: Stickers and emoticons make your conversations happier and enjoyable. With the BBM messenger, you get the access to tons of stickers to share with others and have fun while chatting.
  6. Share any file: You can share any file, video, image, documents using the BBM messenger which makes it a handy and useful app to have on your smartphone.

So, these are some of the best features of BBM messenger which you can enjoy while using this app. Which feature you like the most? Do let us know using the comment box given below.

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