How Much Should You Pay For Backlinks? User Guide

How much one should pay to buy backlinks is usually at the top of the list of questions for those looking at hiring a link building service for the first time. You can find link building services ranging from $20 for 100 social bookmarks on a forum to several thousand dollars a month to a professional firm who will handle everything for you.

What it really depends on is how much you can afford to buy backlinks with high DA. If you know you have a product or service that people are looking for, it may be worth it to spend several thousand dollars to get the word out there and have the customers start pouring in. Many people try pay per click advertising first and see that their several thousand dollar budgets can go by much quicker than they thought, and without the results, they had hoped for.

What are the minimum Requirments to buy backlinks

Buying backlinks can help you raise your search engine rankings, and a site ranked first on Google for a keyword will get more traffic than the highest paying pay per click customer for the same keyword, no matter what his budget is. Even google says that the vast majority of clicks goes to the site that’s ranked number one, many people only start clicking on ads once they can’t find what they are looking for in the rankings.

This means people are paying for someone opening their link in a tab only to close it after looking at it for a mere second.

Buying backlinks a lot like investing in your website. Sure you can pay for traffic and not links, but once the traffic is done it’s done. They don’t send more. However many website owners have backlinks they paid for years ago that they still get daily hits from.

When you use a good link building service, they know how to get links that are not even remotely seen as spam so websites will keep the majority of your links on their site forever. This does not mean that you should take out a loan to buy more backlinks, however.

You already know how much you can afford, and you should stick to that. Even if you can only afford a small package, that means you will start getting traffic to your site which you can turn into customers. Backlinks make most webmasters the money they use to pay for their backlink services. As clients start making more money online, they can start moving up and getting higher backlink packages.

As long as you do not sell your house or shirt for backlinks, you should be fine. Only one thing is for sure, you will have a VERY hard time making any money online without backlinks!


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