Game Of Thrones Season 7-Sneek Peak, Latest Juicy Gossips And More Stuff To Know Here!!

The New Spin around Game of thrones Season 7:

While winter is just round the corner, the much talked about anticipation and craze will get a vent out as the Game of thrones season 7 will finally be hitting out gadget screens!

Get ready as the GOT season 7 is going to be a joy ride! The major band much-acclaimed SAG Awards honoured the season casts with the Best Ensemble Cast for a TV Series. Though the award eventually went to Stranger Things, but there were some juicy gossips floating around. As per our resources, this season will get each and every character driving out their own cars!

The Sneak Peek into the Storyline and Release Date

The cars associated with each character are going to be accompanied with some very cool convertible options but at the same times, it’s going to be utterly confusing! While winter might seem a tad bit too long,  the season is delaying its release by the onset of summer 2017.Even the reliable sources like HBO have been silent with the tentative release date, but as per the little news posted on IMDB it’s expected to hit the screens by June 25.

Though nobody can confirm if the date is true or not, yet IMDB has always been a source that we could trust upon. While we have been waiting so much, let’s be positive and wait for few more months for the amazing drama series to rule our lives yet again!

Like all of us already know that we have only two more seasons left, the wait is getting curious each and every day! Well, then what’s taking up so long? Well, the producers are taking up the extra length of time to shoot just one episode of season 7 .So, you never know, the much wait could prove its worth with a gift of some exciting and extra episodes.

Where could you head up for Season 7?

While, the season 7 won’t be available online so easily, it would be better to watch your old season episodes again and lost in the world of dragons and white walkers? Here makers of show have changed some characters check the  new Game of Thrones Season 7 Cast.


The most reliable source where you could binge watch it a price of $14.99 dollars per month. The best part with HBO Now is you get to watch the latest stuff and episodes as soon as they get released. Moreover, you are not required to buy the cable subscription as online streaming eliminates any such need allowing watching it on your mobile devices or laptops.


Compromising of all the seasons from 1 to right 6, each episode costs a mere $3.99 followed by a purchase of $38.99 each season. Allowing some features for free, this is an amazing place to look out for the upcoming season.

Google Play store

If you are android user, there is no place to go anywhere! Right now the drama series is available for $25.99 each season. You get to pre-order season 6 or 7 by signing up and making the designated purchase.


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